Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are loss adjusters?
Loss adjusters are independent of insurance companies but are instructed and paid by them. Their role is to investigate a claim, check that it is covered by the Policy, and subject to the instruction and / or final approval of the insurance company to conclude settlement with the claimant.

Do you sell insurance products?
No. We only deal with matters arising from claims which have been submitted to insurance companies.

I am making a claim on a caravan insurance policy. Can I instruct you to negotiate with the insurance company on my behalf?
We do not offer this service. We accept instructions solely from Insurance companies and not claimants. In rare cases some other firms of Loss Adjusters may provide a role for claimants in exchange for a fee / percentage of any claims settlement but primarily this is a role undertaken by Loss Assessors.

My insurance contract is with the insurance company and my broker. Why am I dealing with Ashwick Claims?
It is common practice for insurance companies to involve specialist claims handlers / loss adjusters. Ashwick Claims Services Ltd is a Caravan and Leisure Home claims specialist and our knowledge and experience can help the process of a claim for both the claimant and the insurer.

Having suffered a loss, we understand that a claimant will expect a claim to be dealt with in a swift and professional manner.

It helps to have understanding of matters which are specific and unique to caravanning and leisure homes. We have day-to-day dealings with the caravan/leisure home industry and have therefore established relationships with dealers, repairers and manufacturers.

On occasions we may also instruct an independent assessor to inspect a damaged leisure home on our behalf. Our network of assessors throughout the country has specialist knowledge and you can therefore be assured that your claim is being dealt with by people with know-how.

What are you likely to need from me in the event of a claim?
We may need to ask you questions which arise from information you have given to the insurance company when you notified the claim (or completed a claim form). We will also ask you to provide supporting evidence for your loss, such as purchase receipts for stolen / damaged items, where this is felt to be necessary.

If your caravan has been stolen we are likely to request information on the loss location, including details of how long the caravan was kept at the location (particularly if away from your home) and on security issues.

We will also carry out our own enquiries which will not involve you directly, such as contacting the police and storage site owners.

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Why do I need a CRiS registration document? (for touring caravan claims)
All caravans manufactured since 1992 by NCC members are recorded on the CRiS database by their unique 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This VIN and the caravan description are recorded on a Touring Caravan Registration Document, which is sent to the caravan’s registered keeper. Even if you own a pre-1992 caravan, or imported your own caravan into the UK, you can still register it with CRiS yourself. Many insurance companies now require CRiS registration before they will issue a policy and we will always ask for this document to support your claim in the unfortunate event that your touring caravan is stolen or damaged beyond economic repair.

Buying a used caravan can be just as risky as buying a used car. If you buy a caravan that is on finance or stolen you may not be legally entitled to keep it – you could lose the caravan and the money you paid for it. Worryingly there are also caravans out there that have been written-off by insurance companies – these may not be roadworthy, or in a worse-case scenario, they could be dangerous.

The CRiS registration document will help to substantiate your claim in that it will:
– Confirm the correct identity of the caravan
– Reveal if the caravan is:
– Recorded as on finance
– Reported as stolen
– Recorded as an Insurance Write-Off
– Confirm that you are currently recorded with CRiS as the current keeper

Is your role to reduce my claim and are your fees linked to the level of savings made for the insurance company?
We assess (or “adjust”) the value of a claim applying the policy terms, limits and conditions. Rest assured that we are here to help fairly and accurately assess the value of your loss in line with the cover afforded by your policy.

Our fees are entirely independent of claims settlement figures and we have no incentive, financial or otherwise, for a claim to be undervalued.

I have a ‘New for Old’ policy. Will Ashwick Claims source a replacement caravan for me in the event of a theft or ‘total loss’?
We have developed relationships with dealers and can often negotiate discounts on replacement caravans. We will inform you of the quotes received and after liaison with you may order for you on the insurance company’s behalf. This is of course subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, the approval and acceptance of the claim by the insurance company and the consent of any third parties (such as a hire purchase company).

I only wish to deal with my local / preferred dealer. Will Ashwick / my insurance company insist on supplying a caravan through their own favoured dealer in another part of the country?
Insurers will reserve the right to obtain competitive quotes and as a result prices are obtained from more than one dealership. However, where availability allows our quotations are only sought from a range of dealers closest to the policyholder’s home or desired storage location (including the existing / preferred dealer of the claimant, even if not local). If a dealer wishes to keep an existing customer it is likely that they will provide a suitably competitive quote in any event. You will be consulted for your consent prior to any replacement order being placed.

Again, this is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, the approval and acceptance of the claim by the insurance company and the consent of any third parties (such as a hire purchase company).

Will you pay my claim?
We will generally assess and calculate settlement subject to the final approval of the insurance company who will then issue payments themselves.